Friday, July 25, 2014

Melt One.

One of the first tests of the semester. I am not particularly happy with the "video", however please bear in mind I am a 3D person and the digital world is all new territory for me.

When I began thinking of time and leaving a mark my first thought was water and ice. Last semester I started to experiment with how objects absorb pigment and what that looks like as a record. My hope was to demonstrate the changing physical properties of the object; in this case ice; and see what it left behind as a trace once it was gone. 

So, here it is...  


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Semester Two Inspiration

My first meeting with Julie was extremely productive. She listened to me talk about all my work to date, my last residency, what I think I am interested in and provided some really interesting feed back and ideas. My interest in history, memory and fragmentation seems to derive from in how things relate to one another, leave a mark and evolve. In one word time.

Technically we discussed the necessity for me to address color once and for all and to really begin considering the shape/form my objects take on.

Before I left she challenged me to choose two spaces that are meaningful to me; one exterior and one interior; and to use them as inspiration or as something to respond to. Having done a few site specific pieces before I am very intrigued and have several ideas running around in my head. My first step has been spending time outside in one particular place and taking photographs of it. We'll see where this goes. Here is some of the imagery from this place that is currently inspiring me.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Artist Mentor Fall 2014

Things are starting to get rolling around here. Last week I finalized my new artist mentor; Julie Graham; and we had our first meeting this past Saturday. Julie is not a ceramic artist, she's more of a painter/mixed media artist; her work is pictured above. Initially I was a little nervous about once again not working with a clay person, but she is fabulous! She had some really good suggestions and observations and made me really excited to start this semester.

Tonight I finished up my residency summary, started reading book #2 on this semesters reading list and put together a supply list for the studio.

Here we go...

Monday, July 7, 2014

And so it begins again...Semester No. 2.

My second residency came to a close on June 29th. It felt like a lot more information, opinion and ideas were thrown at me this time around. Over the past week I have been trying to digest everything and begin writing my residency summary. I am granting myself one more week before hitting the studio once again. In the meantime however I have begun to collect my new reading material, am very close to finalizing my new mentor and have been, well doing a lot of thinking.

I didn't realize until today that I only took this one lousy installation shot of my work in the critique space...which was slightly less than desirable. Note to self: take better documentation in round three!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Holding Pattern.

The end of my first semester is here. Next week at this time I will be packing up all my stuff and heading into my second residency. I'll post my semester summary soon. Last week I had my final meeting with Jill. It has been wonderful working with her. One of her parting suggestions was to experiment with taking photos of me holding my work since I seem to keep returning to the smaller scale because of the connection it has with my hands. In my mind there is a much different relationship with these small pieces. Photography is not something I am comfortable with; either in front of the camera or behind; but I am happy with how these came out. I see them in a whole new light and am thinking about displaying them near the pieces themselves to give the viewer another context and possible encourage them to hold the pieces too.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forced Fragments. Melded Memories.

And in a totally different direction, I decided to explore some clay bricks or pedestals that hold together "fragments" or "memories". This particular piece incorporates stones collected in Italy given to me by my Mother after a recent trip.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Color Three Ways.

I feel these three pieces do a good job of summarizing three different veins of my exploration with color this semester. I finally can say that I find a glazed piece successful and that I do not feel a disconnect between the greenware form and the finished piece. 

I have been reflecting on the past semester a lot and am planning on writing a post with some thoughts soon. My residency begins on June 20th; one month from yesterday...eek!; so I think it's about time I get my thoughts together.